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Branded items like business cards are not only supposed to provide your details to potential clients, but should also speak volumes about your business. From logo design and colour to copywriting and font, there are many aspects of business card design to consider so as to achieve maximum impact. Let’s take a look.

Do we still need business cards?

It might seem old fashioned to be carrying around business cards wherever you go especially in this fast-paced crazy digital world in which most of us live, but given the innovations in printing technology and graphic design, business cards offer yet another opportunity for you, your brand or business to leave your mark.

And you know what? We've seen (and created) some amazing designs here at HQ, but we never stop looking for inspiration. Here are a few business cards that are inspiring us right now (for more...check out our Pinterest board and our online business card templates)

Sleek and clever

Sleek Business Cards
Simple and effective with a clever take on the Y for Dry - Martini, anyone? Also the UV varnish against that matt black - you just want to touch and feel it, right?

Unique and memorable

Custom Business Cards
Business cards can be any format - and for the right company, this unique shape adds a little quirk factor! Plus it’ll look cute pinned above a desk or on the fridge.

Personal and creative

Personal Business Cards
If you can show potential clients who you are and exactly what you do right off the bat, then boom, your business card has ticked the box! This illustrated self-portrait shows us how it’s done.

Copy that works, hard

Business Cards Online
Make your copy count, and use fonts to make it shine (how literally you want to make it shine is entirely up to you). You have this one chance to leave an impression.

The print quality

Print Business Cards
What’s not to love? The bright, fresh colours and the printing techniques used here really do make us smile. Think colour, think texture and add interesting details like a neon edge.

Design your own business card

We have an amazing range of business card templates for you to choose from as well as on-site designers who can help you design your own! Basically, we are the one-stop-shop of business card design and printing, and we would love to put your name on your very own so give us a shout! Plus, you can save your designs and re-order anytime you need more (we’ll deliver them to your door).
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