Why creating buyer personas is so important to branding

Imagine being a door-to-door sales person. Would you visit homes that you knew had a need or at least an interest in the product you’re selling or would you take your chances and ‘wing it’ - one rejection at a time? 

Who are you selling to? 

John Scheer, co-founder of branding agency Herman-Scheer in Los Angeles and Forbes contributor, shares valuable insight in this article on how to create buyer personas that go a whole lot further than the stereotypes or the stats of gender, age and occupation. As he says:

If you know that your ideal customer is a 28-year-old business woman named Sally who has two children under five, drives a Volkswagen and shops primarily at Whole Foods, you’re in a much better position to begin crafting a visual and verbal identity that will resonate with her than if you simply worked toward an end goal with a “twenty-something female” in mind.

Buyer personas allow you to understand your target audience and what they like, so that you can tailor your offering or service to fit their needs. In fact, the more details you can incorporate into your buyer personas (you should aim for between 3 and 6), the better your chances of speaking to the right audience - and today, finding out these kinds of details is a lot easier than it used to be.

Use this information to better serve your customer

Whatever your business may be, developing and considering buyer personas is a great place to start, especially when you’re talking marketing, customer service, new product development, branding and even investing in promotional items. Learn all about buyer personas in this Forbes article.
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