Why you should invest in reusable coffee cups
(and brand them too!)

Branded Coffee Mugs
We’re all guilty of indulging in the occasional takeaway flat white and it's therefore important to keep reminding ourselves of the impact that their disposable cups have on the environment. If the thought of unnecessary waste makes you squirm (we're with you!), you can do something that contributes to preserving our planet while also building brand awareness at the same time.

We love this article by Spoonunversity.com which gives some great insight into 21st century coffee habits, it’s wasteful ways, and why reusable cups should become the norm.

Caffeine express

Did you know 10,000 cups are thrown away in the UK every two minutes? Wow. Expect hard facts like this that will convince you to get your hands on a reusable coffee cup ASAP. Not only do they eliminate waste, but they keep your coffee warmer for longer and there's something to be said about drinking out of a real mug rather than a plastic-cardboard derivative.

If you feel inspired to get behind this movement, take a look at our wide range of reusable coffee cups. Simply choose your favourite one and we’ll print your design and logo - and there you go, a branded item that truly makes a difference - not only to your client's morning coffee run, but to the planet too.

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