Brilliant ways to use stickers for your business

Sticker Printing
One of the things we love doing here at Creative Brands is custom-printing stickers. From kiss-cutting to die-cutting, matt to gloss, we are able to print just about any sticker you can imagine, and in any quantity. To inspire you, here are some brilliant ways to use stickers for your business.

Use them as a word-of-mouth marketing tool

If you’ve got one epic logo and your branding is strong, use stickers as a way for your loyal customers or community to share the love of your brand. SunGod in the US give a pack of stickers with every purchase so you’ll see their brand travelling the world on laptops, cars, notebooks and more (just like the Apple logo sticker). Oh and stickers + social media? A match made in digital marketing heaven.

Use them to build your brand

When you’re just starting your business, you may not have a big budget to bulk order product packaging and the like. Stickers are a budget-friendly (and super fast) way of getting your brand out there without having to commit to a warehouse load of stock with your name on it. Think handmade soaps packaged for a market or a new product with your label stuck onto it so you can test whether it is going to fly.

Use them for packaging

Even if you do have budget for packaging, stickers are a great way to seal packaging and to add important details like prices and barcodes.

Use them to incentivise sales

If you’ve got a special offer running, perhaps a buy one, get one free offer for a market, event, conference or limited time period, sticker your product with the deal. This way, you won’t over-print or invest in expensive packaging and can simply sticker as you need.

Use them to add that personal touch

Personalise gifts with your own designed stickers. Whether for business or for your family, you can print a batch of stickers with a key message and never have to hand-write labels again.

Use them to add that X-factor to your gifting strategy

Want to give your products or gifts a Christmas or Valentine’s Day feel? Put a sticker on it! Or take your gift wrapping game up a step or two, with custom-printed sticker gift tags.

Use them for fun!

Do you remember your sticker book? Some of us are still sticker mad. Have fun with them. Use them for kids’ party-packs, sticker-bomb your desk or give a sheet or two as personalised gifts. The possibilities are endless!

Keen to print some of your own stickers or ask us any questions? Get in touch!
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