Wall and window art to be inspired by

Wallpaper Printing
Looking to create and print your own wallpaper (yes, this is possible!) or searching for a decal for your office – well, you’re in the right place if you need a whole load of inspiration. Here at Creative Brands we live and breathe printing (yes, quite literally) and printing giant posters, or seeing a brand new wallpaper design come through our printers in full living colour, is what keeps us rocking and rolling.

Wall art we are loving right now

What we love about wall art is that it isn’t permanent. It’s not like a tattoo - if you get tired of it in years to come, simply choose and print another design. Animal prints for kids bedrooms; beautiful flamingos for a restaurant or grand entrance hall; a massive map of the world for the boardroom – creativity is the only limit when it comes to printing wallpaper, posters, signage or decals.

Check out our Pinterest board for what’s making us tick.

Create your own

Powerful words, epic fonts, intricate line drawings, botanical prints and even geometric colourful patterns are just some of the examples that you can find here. And be sure to also browse our most popular wallpaper prints.

Feeling inspired yet? Head on over to our website - you can design your own, ask us to design something for you or chat to our consultants for more info on designing your own wall or window art for your space. Let’s go.
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